3 Daily Beauty Habits That Are Aging Your Eyes

At a certain point, when we have a number of years behind us, eye care becomes extremely important in order to hold on to that youthful and radiant look. While we concentrate on beauty products and concealers, there are some daily habits that have become so routine for us, we don’t even pay attention to them. But some of them can be harmful in the long run. As little as they seem, these 3 beauty habits can make all the difference.

1. You Scrub Your Eye Area

Every woman is aware of the fact that makeup has to be removed before bed, no matter how tired she may be. But if the tiredness gets the best of us, we find ourselves removing our makeup quickly and vigorously. Without the gentle care this area needs, the delicate skin under the eyes will exhibit dark circles and broken capillaries, and eventually lose the firmness it originally had.

To make sure your skin has proper care, opt for a cleanser that will help it in the long run. Our Rejuvenation Foaming Cleansing Gel purifies the skin by lifting and removing makeup, oil-based debris, and impurities. As it cleanses the skin, the calming action of carefully chosen ingredients softens, while maintaining moisture levels in the skin.

2. You are Not Using an Eye Cream

Eye Cream – One of the most important components of your anti-aging skin care regimen, and one that is often overlooked. The first early signs of aging can usually be seen on the skin around the eyes. This is because the eye area is the thinnest skin on the human body. A carefully chosen eye cream looks after this delicate part of your face.

We created our Eye Lifting Pudding for this purpose – to target skin around the eyes and bestow it with a firm, taut look. It offers an immediate lifting effect to combat sagging skin and minimizes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

3. You are Not Eating Right

While a concealer is the go-to when you are trying to hide dark circles and age signs, a healthy lifestyle is still the best way to ensure a youthful look. Make sure your diet includes plenty of nutrients necessary for bright and young-looking skin. Vitamin B boosts the production of fatty acids, which are known to help the skin retain elasticity.

Collagen production and cell growth are encouraged by Vitamin K. And vitamin C prevents damage and brightens the skin.

Including just some of these beauty habits in your daily routine will help your skin keep its youthful glow and radiance.

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