Rajeunir Black Caviar


Just like the evolving sea, your skin is continuously changing to its environment. The wind takes a toll on the ocean, creating currents that depict a rough and rigid appearance, however, the deeper you go the smoother surface you must dive in deep.
In order to keep elasticity alive, nutrients such as black caviar are needed.
From the sea, caviar grows into the succulent and rich nutrient that Rajeunir has harnessed.
Rajeunir aims to rebuild skin’s firmness and elasticity while strengthening the protective moisture barrier, keeping the skin hydrated. Black Caviar is a vital symbol of delicacy that provides a luxurious glow to your skin.


Our Story

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Founded in 2016, MegaSale is an industry-leading Skin Care Store, offering clients high-end quality products imported from the U.S. Established on the ideals of the strength of beauty, MegaSale offers beauty products for everyone to enjoy.

MegaSale is the exclusive Asian retail company of Rajeunir. Native to the United States, with US FDA certification. And the HSA certificate in Singapore. More importantly, all products are free from parabens and are not tested on animals.

We believe that each one of our clients is unique, which is why we provide personalized guidance on selecting items that are perfect for their specific needs. Our team of beauty experts has contributed to our speedy growth and global presence. Pop into our shop or contact us and see what we’re all about today.