Rajeunir Facial Treatment

A purifying treatment for all skin types

We Using our Rajeunir Black Caviar products for the cleanse therapy and gentle facial peel to exfoliate and brighten up your face.

After the cleaning, We use Rajeunir toner to tighten your pores and a layer of hydration removing any last traces of dirt and impurities, with pores device to remove blackheads.

After the cleaning process, We'll provide 15-20 min massages for your facial muscle relaxation.

Our Rajeunir black caviar age-defying thermal heating mask is one of our featured products for the detox treatment, it has self-heating technology and active ingredients for visible results, with the thermal age defying serum on top of the mask to stimulate blood circulation, relaxing the facial muscle as well as opening your pores for detoxing purposes.